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C Cup Bras

Goldilocked Convertible Sports Bra Goldilocked Convertible Sports Bra
AC Sports Bra AC Sports Bra
$82 $65 - $82
Enforcer Wireless Sports Bra Enforcer Wireless Sports Bra
Soothe Underwire Bra Soothe Underwire Bra
Goldilocked and Loaded Pocket Sports Bra Goldilocked and Loaded Pocket Sports Bra
Run it All 2.0 Adjustable Sports Bra Run it All 2.0 Adjustable Sports Bra
Handful Plus Sports Bra Handful Plus Sports Bra
Run It All 2.0 Cross Back Sports Bra Run It All 2.0 Cross Back Sports Bra
Goldilocked Cross Back Sports Bra Goldilocked Cross Back Sports Bra
Cuz She Says So Underwire Sports Bra Cuz She Says So Underwire Sports Bra
Handful Sports Bra Handful Sports Bra
Plume CD Sports Bra Plume CD Sports Bra
Dialed Up Sports Bra Dialed Up Sports Bra
Big V Racerback Bra Big V Racerback Bra
$60 $45 - $60
Eight Days Underwire Sports Bra Eight Days Underwire Sports Bra
$76 $45 - $76
Tech Athena 2.0 Sports Bra Tech Athena 2.0 Sports Bra
$59 $49 - $59
Super Lace 2.0 Underwire Bra - Cloud Super Lace 2.0 Underwire Bra - Cloud
Game On Sports Bra Game On Sports Bra
Pockito Power 2.0 Sports Bra Pockito Power 2.0 Sports Bra
$64 $39 - $64
Roadster Convertible Underwire Bra Roadster Convertible Underwire Bra
Goldilocked Strappy Sports Bra Goldilocked Strappy Sports Bra
$55 $25 - $55
Trade-Up Sports Bra Trade-Up Sports Bra
Boobyah Sports Bra Boobyah Sports Bra
Believer Sports Bra Believer Sports Bra
$79 $59 - $79
Flight Zone Racerback Sports Bra Flight Zone Racerback Sports Bra
Price reduced from $59 to $49
Andromeda Racerback Sports Bra Andromeda Racerback Sports Bra
Three-Peat Underwire Bra Three-Peat Underwire Bra
Hallelujah Bra Hallelujah Bra
Run It All 2.0 Zip Front Sports Bra Run It All 2.0 Zip Front Sports Bra
Seismic Underwire Sports Bra Seismic Underwire Sports Bra
Super Lace Underwire Bra - Cloud Super Lace Underwire Bra - Cloud
Price reduced from $59 to $49
Terminator Zip Front Sports Bra Terminator Zip Front Sports Bra
$62 $35 - $39
Calenta Cropped Bra Top Calenta Cropped Bra Top
Price reduced from $60 to $45
Take Flight Racerback Sports Bra Take Flight Racerback Sports Bra
Price reduced from $62 to $49
Pockito Power 2.0 Zip Front Sports Bra Pockito Power 2.0 Zip Front Sports Bra
Price reduced from $68 to $45

Find your C cup sports bra for every activity.

Every athletic woman knows a great workout starts with a supportive sports bra made just for her bra size. Because when the fit is right, our focus stays on our workout — not gaping cups, slipping straps, or pinching underbands.

Title Nine’s C cup bras are built for bounce-free workouts, endless support, and max comfort — no matter your size. Whether you’re looking for a high-impact underwire sports bra for high-impact activities, or a low impact wirefree option that still gives full-support, we’ve got a bra in your cup size that will keep your boobs happy.

How can I make sure that a C cup is the size I need?

C cup breasts are often confused for B, D, and even DD cups. But the best way to get your bra size right (and find a sports bra that fits)  is by measurements—one size definitely does not fit all, so it’s important to use your bust measurements to get just the right bra size. Grab a tape measure and take three quick bust measurements — right underneath your armpits, at the fullest part of your bust, and around your ribcage, just beneath your breasts. Then head over to our Bra Size Calculator to make sure a C cup bra will give you the best fit. Are you a B cup or a D cup instead? No worries—our sports bras come in B to DD and beyond, so whatever your bra cup size is, we’ve got your back (and your boobs).

What are the best types of sports bras for C cups?

The best bras for a cup size C are either compression bras or encapsulation bras. Compression bras have a firm yet stretchy fabric that presses the breasts against the body like a hug while you run, jump, or engage in other high impact activities. Encapsulation bras, on the other hand, have molded cups to separate the breasts for individual support, so there's no squishing and no uni-boob.

Combination bras are both compressive and encapsulating — with molded cups that separate your breasts while keeping them close to the body.

Not every type of bra is cut out for every type of workout. So when shopping for the best bra for C cups, consider the intensity level of your next sweat sesh. Title Nine's bras range from low-intensity, medium impact, to high impact so you can get the full support you need through every and every type of workout.

What features should I look for from my sports bra?

For the best-fitting, best-performing C cup bras, look for these must-have features:

-Moisture-wicking, breathable materials: Sweat can try to slow us down, but when our bra is made with sweat-wicking fabrics, we can keep moving with our chests feeling comfy and dry.
-Adjustable straps: We can't be bothered with slippy straps. So to dial in our fit (and keep our straps from slipping or digging), we take it into our own hands and adjust our shoulder straps to fit just right.
-Cup and band sizing: Sports bras designed in our true bra size make it even easier for us to get the perfect fit, and the right level of support for our cup size.
-Underwire, or wire-free: There's no right or wrong when choosing between an underwire or wireless sports bra. An underwire will help keep the girls a little extra perky, whereas a wireless style offers softer support.
-Hook-and-eye clasp: Feel locked in with a hook-and-eye back closure you can adjust to fit looser or tighter the more you wear it.

How do I make sure my sports bra is the right fit?

The best way to get your fit right is to measure your cup and band size — or your typical bra size. When they don't know their measurements, some mistakes we've seen women make are choosing a bra that's too loose, too tight, or not built for their workout. Sports bras should be snug, but not suffocating. Your girls should feel comfy and secure, not bouncing with your every move.

We all want bras that suit our style, but make sure you aren't putting fashion over function. Cup sizes B-DD can't make the mistake of choosing the wrong bra. Otherwise, you can say "see ya" to support and comfort. Keep a good rotation of sports bras going in your activewear drawer, and replace your bras when they've done everything they can for you and your girls. 
Once you have your bust size from the Title Nine Bra Fit calculator, you should be able to dial in your perfect bra fit—but there’s always a possibility of being between sizes. Here are a few tips for getting it just right, even if your breasts don’t fit into a cup or band size at first glance:
-Try a sports bra with hook-and-eye closures—this will give you the flexibility of being able to customize your band size. If you’re already on the smallest set of hooks at try on, try sizing down—your sports bra will stretch as it wears, so starting with a smaller size will give you more room to adjust.
-Adjustable straps are your friend—adjusting shoulder straps can help dial in your sports bra’s fit, taking care of any small sizing issues you may have.
-Try cup and band sizing—whether you’re an A cup or DDD cup, cup and band sizing can help you dial in your perfect fit for your breast size, giving you the full support you and your girls deserve.
-Try a different style sports bra—racerback bras will fit differently than a convertible bra with a j-hook, while a compression bra will feel different than an encapsulation bra. Try an underwire sports bra or a bra with molded cups for seamless support—you might be surprised at what you prefer.
Don’t be afraid to try a bunch on to get your size right—and don’t forget, at Title Nine you can get free shipping with a $100 purchase, take your bra for a test drive, and return it anytime with our 360 guarantee.
Wearing the right bra size during low-intensity to high impact workouts makes a huge difference in our performance and our focus. Title Nine's bras for cup sizes B to DD come in a range of styles and impact levels to suit your sport—and keep your large breasts from bouncing or bulging out. For women with C cups specifically, a high-support C cup bra delivers a dialed-in fit and performance ready support that never slacks. Get even more comfort when you tailor the fit and feel of your bra with adjustable straps, removable pads, front closure or back closure styles, and wire free and underwire bras. 

How often should I replace my sports bra?

There's no definite expiration date for your bras. But you'll know it's time to bid adieu to your bras when the elastic stretched out, the cups don't cover your large breasts (or are gaping), and if the adjustable straps are at their tightest. We recommend keeping a rotation of low-impact, medium, and high impact bras to give the elastic in each of your bras time to recover between workouts.

Can I wear a regular bra to work out?

There's a reason why sports bras were made, so no, an everyday bra isn't ideal for working out. A regular t-shirt bra or strapless bra will never give you the high-support and no-bounce powers that a high-impact sports bra has. Plus, your girls won't get the same type of security as Title Nine's full coverage bras.

Can I machine wash my sports bra?

Yep, but always wash your activewear with similar fabrics, a gentle detergent, and on a delicate wash setting. Always lay your bras out to air dry.

How tight should a sports bra fit?

A snug fit is ideal for any impact sports bra. It shouldn't fit so tight that your boobs feel squished and are bulging out from all sides. If the fit is too tight, your sports bra will chafe and throw you off your game.

Should I wear a sports bra with or without padded cups?

There's really no right or wrong when it comes to padded cups. Some women prefer the extra cushion and coverage, where other women like the seamless feel of non-padded cups. You can always go for styles with removable pads if you aren't sure whether you want to keep the pads in or leave them out.

Can a sports bra cause breast pain?

An ill-fitting bra can definitely cause breast pain, specifically a bra that's too tight. Some women find underwire bras to be more uncomfortable and prefer a wireless bra when working out, but it really depends on the brand and quality of your bra. When in doubt, stick to your true bra size, or get measured to find your cup and band size and get into the right size cup bra that comfortably lifts and supports without squishing.

Can a sports bra be worn for everyday use?

Yep - you can wear your low to high-impact sports bras anywhere you want. Title Nine's collection of active bras for B to DD cup sizes are made with quick-drying performance fabrics, so you can go from sweaty to ready for whatever the day's got in store. Plus, they're way more comfortable than a typical t-shirt bra or strapless bra. And if B to DD bra sizes can get so much more—full or medium coverage, sweat-proof bra cups, plus wirefree cushioning with seamless support that acts like an underwire bra—then yeah, we say ditch your everyday bra.

Can I wear a C cup sports bra if I have a different cup size?

We recommend sticking to your true cup size to find the best-fitting cup bra for your bust. Or, if you know your sister size, reach for a style that mirrors your actual size. Don't know your sister size? All good - a sister size is your bra size equal related by cup volume. This is why some B cups are mistaken for C cups, and C cups mistaken for D-DD sizes. Your bra size is like a ratio: the volume of a cup size varies with the band size. 

Should I choose a wireless or underwire sports bra?

To go wirefree, or keep the wire? It's the age-old debate, and it really all boils down to your preference. Underwired styles give your girls a little more security, lift, and shape, plus encapsulation. Wire free styles can also be the full package with the right materials: a wide underbust band, cushioned cups, and comfortable straps. Some of our favorite wire free options include racerback, criss-cross, and high-neck sports bras.

Are C cup sports bra styles supportive enough to run and jump in?

Finding the right support for your workout can be tricky. A high-intensity activity like running or HIIT workouts needs a high impact style to keep your boobs bounce-free, while low-impact sports like yoga and cycling require less support. Luckily, at Title Nine, our Barbell Ratings do all the hard work for you, providing a great way to evaluate each sports bra’s support at a glance. C cup breasts should have at least two barbells for low-impact activities, while three and four barbells should do the trick for high-impact activities.