When does adidas restock?

One of the most common questions people have is when something at adidas will restock. This guide will help give an idea on when certain items will restock on adidas.com. Note: This information is based on experience with the US website.

There is no exact science when it comes to restocks on adidas.com. Usually when items are restocked, it happens at a random time without any advance notice.

Items with a high likelihood to restock include classic items that are available year after year, for example Superstar, Stan Smith, Samba… These tend to restock on a regular basis. If your size is out of stock, chances are it will come back within a few weeks.

For most other items that are new or more unique, chances are low that they will restock again. For these kinds of items, once they are sold out, they are usually sold out for good. Sometimes a few sizes may come back in stock due to canceled or returned orders but do not expect a full restock.

In some cases, if an item is very popular and there is a high demand, adidas may decide to produce more of them. This usually takes a long time so it can be months before there is a restock.

Some items are updated every year so they may not restock the exact style, but may come out with a slightly updated version the following year. This is common with the popular athletic shoes.

Keep in mind many items are seasonal which can have an effect on when they are stocked. For example a heavy coat that is out of stock near the end of winter will probably not restock soon, but it may come back again the following winter.

So how can you find out about a restock? Usually there is an option to enter your email to be notified if your size is not available. Checking back frequently is also recommended as sizes can come back in stock from returns. Also keep an eye on the New Arrivals section and adidas social media accounts which will often post a link when a popular item has been restocked.

Hope this helps and good luck on the next restock!