messi 371

adidas Messi 370 and F50 Crazylight

Yesterday adidas celebrated Leo Messi’s goal milestone by releasing a special limited edition version of the F50 cleat.   This cleat features silver with red and blue dot pattern as well as being individually numbered as there are only about 370 pairs being released.  This boot is based on the previous generation F50.  Most of them sold out within about a 1/2 hour of their release yesterday.  You might be able to get a pair being resold on ebay but expect to pay a premium considering how rare they are and the original price of $369.

It has been a big week for adidas soccer as they have also announced the official pictures and release date of the new F50 Crazylight cleat.  This cleat will be the lightest available at only 4.7 oz and is expected to go on sale April 1st.   It will also be limited and is expected to sell for around $300.  It will feature a new upper material designed to reduce the weight even more than the current hybrid touch material used on the F50.

We are still waiting for the Prime Knit cleat to go on sale.  The word was that it was to be released today March 17th.  It is being sold on the UK site, but so far no sign of it yet on the US site.  Keep your eyes peeled as it should arrive soon.