custom adidas Ace cleats

adidas Custom Ace 16.1 and 16.3 Cleats Available Now

mi Ace 16.1 Cleats – The new Ace 16.1 cleats are now available to customize on the official site. For the 16.1, it is available now in the Primeknit version with laces. It can also be customized to choose Firm Ground, Soft Ground, or Hard Ground studs. The base colors are a bit limited, but the stripes have more color options as well as the ability to choose solid or 2 color faded stripes.

The custom Ace 16.1 come with extra laces and can be personalized with text and a country flag. They are not cheap though, retailing for $320! If you don’t mind the price, you can start customizing your new Ace cleats now in men’s sizes 6.5-13.5 and women’s sizes 7.5-14.5.

mi Ace 16.3 Cleats – Also available now is the customized version for the Ace 16.3 cleats. This entry level model for the Aces features a Primemesh material with more base color options compared to the 16.1. They also have the FG, SG, and HG stud pattern options like the 16.1. Many colors are available for the stripes as well as the option for the 2 color faded stripes. They also come with extra laces, and can add custom text and flag to the sides.

The custom Ace 16.3 cleats are available now in men’s sizes 6.5-11.5 and women’s sizes 7.5-12.5 for $107.

Custom adidas mi Ace 15.1 Cleats Available Now

mi Ace 15.1 Cleats – Like the custom X 15.1, the all new Ace 15.1 was released today for customize. It replaces the Predator, F50, and 11Pro custom options which have now been phased out.

The custom Ace 15.1 cleats have the option of firm ground, soft ground, or hard ground stud pattern. It offers a nice selection of colors for each part of the shoe including silver and gold colors. Extra laces in a color of your choice are also provided. The Ace cleats can be personalized with text as well as a country flag on the side.

You can┬ácustomize and order the Ace 15.1 cleats now in men’s sizes 6.5-11.5 and women’s sizes 7.5-12.5 for $220. This size range is a bit more limited in the larger sizes compared with the stock colors which go to 13.5 but the price is the same at $220 making these custom cleats a great deal! ┬áCustomize yours today to be the first to get the custom Ace 15.1 cleats!

Update: the 15.1 is now sold out but the mi Ace 16.1 is available now.