adidas Ultra Boost White

adidas Ultra Boost White Restock

Ultra Boost 2.0 White – One of the most popular colors for the Ultra Boosts which has been sold out for a long time has finally restocked on the official site. The white color for the Ultra Boost is available now in sizes 6.5-15 for $180. There has been a high demand for this color so if you have been waiting for the restock, be sure to get them soon before they are gone!

Update: The white Ultra Boost has been taken off the site.

Update 9-16-16: The white Ultra Boosts are back on the site.


adidas Womens Ultra Boost Triple White Released

Ultra Boost Triple White (Women’s) – One of the most sought after colors, the triple white was released today in women’s sizes. This all white with subtle gradient pattern and white Continental sole is available now in sizes 5.5-11 for $180.

Also today the men’s Ultra Boost Triple White restocked but is selling out fast again as expected.

For new Ultra Boost releases, keep an eye on the adidas Running Twitter as well as the New Arrivals section where new shoes come in each day.

adidas Ultra Boost White Restock

Ultra Boost (White) – The original Ultra Boost in white has restocked on the main site. It is in stock now in men’s sizes 6.5-17 for $180. This color is limited to 1 per purchase and is excluded from promotions. The white color continues to be one of the most popular so if you have been waiting to get this color, be sure to get your order in soon before they are gone!

adidas White Ultra Boost Restock

Ultra Boost (White) – Unexpectedly today the original white Ultra Boosts restocked on the US site in sizes 6.5-17. They are limited to 1 per purchase and are likely to sell out fast. They are available for the retail price of $180. Keep an eye on the adidas running twitter for updates on new Ultra Boost releases.

Dec 1st New Releases – New Ultra Boost, Superstar CTXM and more

December 1st was a big day for new releases. Here is a recap of some of the most notable new shoes available today:

New Ultra Boost – The new wave colors with the Continental rubber sole are now in stock for men’s size in colors white, red, and clear green. The women’s clear green was also released today joining the other new Ultra Boost colors which released earlier. You can pick them up now in sizes 6.5-15 in men’s and 5-11.5 in women’s for $180.

Superstar CTXM – A new reflective style Superstar similar to the Xeno is available now in navy, grey, burgundy, and yellow. They feature the snake pattern reflection in direct light. You can pick them up now in size 4-14 for $110.

Tubular X Chinese New Year – A special edition of the Tubular X with red leather and gold details has been released for the Chinese New Year colorway. It is in stock now in sizes 6-14 for $130. Also a new bold onix color has been released today as well.

Stan Smith Monocolor Suede – A new pack for the Stans in monocolor suede is available in red, dark indigo, and onix. You can pick them up in sizes 4-14 for $85.

Crestwood Mid – A new mid cut casual shoe has been added to the lineup with the Crestwood Mid. It features styling inspiration from the C-10 and Conductor shoes and features a monocolor design and wide ankle straps. They are in stock now in red, grey and black men’s sizes 7.5-14 for $85 and kids sizes 3.5-6 for $75.

adidas Ultra Boost White Restock

Ultra Boost White – Today the Ultra Boosts in white officially restocked on the main site around 10:30am Eastern time. They sold out very fast as expected. No word on a restock, but keep an eye on the site in case sizes come back in stock soon. Also check local adidas retail stores as many of them have been getting the white Ultra Boosts in stock this past week.

In case you missed the Ultra Boosts, you can now get the Pure Boosts in all white through the custom option. It is a great alternative most people have not found yet, plus they are only $140 for the all white and full Boost sole!

Also a reminder, the new all black ZX Flux Xeno’s are in stock now. These flew under the radar this week and are still available in most of the sizes.

Update 2-21-16: The white Ultra Boost has restocked in sizes 6.5-17.

Update: The white Ultra Boosts are now sold out.

adidas Ultra Boost Collective J&D Release Info

The highly anticipated Ultra Boost Collective J&D are set to release shortly, June 6th 2015.

They are expected to be available in very limited quantities on the Y-3 site as well as many specialty stores such as but not limited to: Sneakers N Stuff, Caliroots, Hanon, Solebox, Titolo, Ubervart, The Good Will Out, Aphrodite, Wrong Weather, Shoe Gallery Miami, End, and Mr. Porter.

The Ultra Boost Collective will be available in the all white (AF5826) and all black (S78705) colorways designed by Dirk Schönberger & James Carnes​.  They feature premium materials making them even more special than the stock Ultra Boosts.

So far stores are only showing them available in full 1/2 sizes for example 6.5, 7.5, 8.5…  Prices are varying depending on the store but most are in the showing in the $200’s.

Start checking theses stores early as the Ultra Boost collective are expected to sell out fast.  For a list of more specialty stores which may or may not be getting them in, check out the Consortium Boutiques list here.

Update 6-6-15: The Collective Ultra Boosts on the Y-3 site have been delayed and are expected to be up on June 8th.

Update 6-8-15: The Ultra Boosts were released on the Y-3 site early this morning in the white and black colorways for $255 and are selling fast.

Updates on adidas Ultra Boost Collective White

Some new details are rolling in for the all white Ultra Boost Collective scheduled for a June 6th release. They will use higher quality materials than the regular Ultra Boost and will also have the white sole unlike the black sole version that was released for pre-order.  So far it looks like select boutique stores will be getting these. No word yet if they will be launched on the main site, but keep an eye on the New Arrivals June 6th just in case.

On a related note, Foot Locker mentioned they are supposed to be getting the all white Ultra Boost in stores today and tomorrow.  You can use their launch locator to find a store near you which may have them.  So far, it looks like not many will be carrying them yet. Stay tuned for any new details about the Ultra Boost Collective as they become available.

Update: You can see detailed pics of the upcoming Ultra Boost Collective over at Solebox.

Update: 6-3-15 It looks like the shoes will retail less than expected as some of the prices at specialty stores such as Sneakers N Stuff are starting to be listed around $220.

adidas Ultra Boost White (Womens Size) Available Now

Ultra Boost (White) (Women’s Size) – Yesterday the men’s white Ultra Boost went up for pre-order and almost completely sold out in just 1 day.  Today the women’s version was released in the white colorway and is available now for pre-order in sizes 5-12 for $180. Considering how fast the men’s sizes sold out, these should sell quickly as well.

For the size conversion, women’s is about 1 – 1.5 up from men’s so for example a men’s size 9 would be about a size 10 – 10.5 in women’s size. The Ultra Boost fits pretty much true to size but slightly narrow do to the slip on style fit.

Ultra Boost (Black) (Women’s Size) – Also up for pre-order today is the black colorway for the Ultra Boost which features the black knit and the black heel cage.  It is available now for pre-order in sizes 5-12 for $180.

The official launch date for both of these is June 1st 2015, but as we have seen from the men’s version, they can sell out before this time, so be sure to place your order soon if you are looking to get the white or black colorways.

Update 9-10-15: The White Ultra Boost has been sold out for a while now but it is expected to restock this Fall 2015.

Update 1-25-16: The original white Ultra Boost in the women’s sizes have restocked on the main site.

adidas Ultra Boost All White Release Info

Ultra Boost (White) – With the all white Energy Boost ESM selling out fast recently, there has been a lot of buzz for the all white Ultra Boost.  Today the white Ultra Boost went up for pre-order with an official launch of June 1st 2015. It is available in sizes 6.5 -15 for $180.

The Ultra Boost features the white knit upper material, full boost cushioning, Torsion system, and stretch web outsole. The Ultra Boost is one of the most comfortable and cushioned running shoes available right now and this white colorway is sure to be a hit with both runners as well as for casual wear.  Be sure to get your order in soon for this one as it may sell out fast!

Also check out the other colorways of the Ultra Boost such as the black, blue, and solar red, as well as the flash orange and flash pink on the women’s model.

Update 5-16-15: The white colorway has almost sold out in all sizes but it has just been released in the women’s sizes for pre-order as well.  For the conversion, women’s size is about 1 – 1.5 up from men’s size.  The black was also released today in women’s sizes.  They are in stock now in sizes 5-12 for $180.

Clarification on the sole color: The white Ultra Boost releasing on June 1st has a black outsole. There will also be another premium edition white Ultra Boost known as the Collective with a white outsole releasing on June 6th. It is not clear yet if the one released on the 6th will be on the main site or if it will be a more limited consortium release.

Update 6-1-15: The White Ultra Boosts restocked on the main website but sold out very fast. Also the black and silver colorways restocked and are available now.

Update 6-6-15: New info on the Ultra Boost Collective J&D release.

Update 7-21-15: The White Ultra Boosts have been sold out for a couple months now, but according to adidas running Twitter, this color should restock this fall.