adidas Superstar Supershell

adidas Supershells Released

Supershell Collection – The Supershell Superstar Collection was officially released today on the main site. It features Superstars with shell toes designed by Pharrell, Todd James, Zaha Hadid, Cass Bird, and Mr.  The set offers the choice of either white or black leather with graphic print or molded shell toe.

Right now there are 14 designs on the site, most of which are available now in sizes 5-14 with select smaller sizes which look to be selling out fast. The graphic designs are $100 while the molded shell toes are $120. Right now the molded “Matter Energy” style is not available for purchase for either color. Black is shown as coming soon. Also the Cass Bird (S83363) is shown as coming soon.

It looks like these are selling quickly so be sure to pick up your favorite Supershell soon! Also keep an eye on the collection as more styles may be coming in soon.


adidas Supershell Superstars

Superstar Supershell – The next Pharrell Williams collection has been announced with a new set of Superstars called the Supershell.  These feature black and white leather with graphic and molded designed shell toes in collaboration with artists Todd James, Cass Bird, Zaha Hadid, and Japanese artist Mr.  You can see a preview video of them on the adidas Originals Youtube as well as more pictures of them on the official news release.

The Supershell series will be available for purchase online as well as in store on August 7th. Some of them are starting to roll in on the main site now where you can see the detailed images. So far retail price for the Supershell ranges from $100 – $120 depending on the design. Stay tuned for more information on this series.

Also keep an eye out for the Primeknit Superstars which will be available in consortium stores on August 1st.