adidas Rita Ora shoes

Mutombo Crazy 8, Rita Ora Superstar 80s, Boston Boost

A new Mutombo Crazy 8 is available now at Pick Your Shoes.  It features black, yellow, and red with Mutombo print and details.  You can pick it up no in sizes 8-13 for $125.

The Rita Ora Pastel and Color Block series will be releasing soon.  You can preview the shoes such as the Superstar 80s in black with multicolor sole.  For more information and images, keep an eye on the Rita Ora page.

The Boston 5 Boost has released on the UK site and should be arriving soon in the US.  It is a light weight trainer that will have a mesh upper and Boost cushioning.  Look for a detailed overview here once it is released on the US site.

adidas Rita Ora Collection

The first line of the Rita Ora collection has been rolling out and selling fast.  Currently there are some of the apparel items such as the jacket, tee, skirt, bra, and beanie in stock but they are limited.  Keep an eye on the Rita Ora page here for updates and details.

Based on what we know, the 3 shoes (Bankshot, Honey 2.0 and ZX 500 2.0) have been on the US site at one time but likely have all sold out.  According to UK site there were only 500 pairs made for each so the stock will be very limited.   You can see more items including the shoes in stock at the UK site.