adidas Marathon 10 NG

September 12th New Releases

Here is a recap of some of the new releases for September 12 2014:

Marathon 10 NG – A bring back of the classic Marathon 10 running shoe with what looks to be some minor updates.  It is not clear what the NG stands for but it does appear to say Marathon 10.5 on the heel which would indicate an update from the Marathon 10.  It is currently available in 3 colorways for women’s size. Expect the men’s colorways to arrive soon.

Marathon TR 10 – A trail version of the Marathon 10 with a more rugged outsole.  Available in just 1 colorway so far in men’s size 6.5-15 for $100.

Tempo 6 – The light weight stability running shoe is back in stock in men’s size 6.5-15 for $110.

Poweralley 2.0 – A mid cut baseball cleat with metal cleats as well as a low cut version with TPU cleats are available now from the main site.  So far just a black colorway for each.  Size 6.5-15 and $60 for the TPU and 6.5-14 and $80 for the Mid.

ZX 630 – Another classic ZX shoe has been released in a black, red and grey colorway in size 4-14 for $100.

Kids Crazy 8 – A pink and white Crazy 8 has been released in the kids sizes 3.5-7 for $90.

AR Low – A new casual low top combining the AR upper and Campus sole. In stock now in white/green in limited sizes 12-18 for $75.  More sizes may become available soon.

SL 72 – A new black and neon green colorway for the classic SL 72 shoe in sizes 4-14 for $85.

Isolation 2.0 – A new version of the Isolation basketball shoe has been released.  Right now there is the high version available in kids sizes in black and white as well as a low version available in men’s sizes 6.5-15 for $50.

D Rose Englewood 3 – A new colorway for the Englewood 3 in red, white and black sizes 6.5-16 for $100.

Lots of new NEO shoes have been added in women’s and men’s sizes such as the Baseline Hook, Hoops Premium, Sehozer Hi, and Se3winter to name a few.  You can check out the new collection here.


Micropacer OG, Marathon 10, and Tempo 6

The Micropacer shoe which first debuted 20 years ago is back up for sale.  It features the original silver color with kangaroo leather upper material and lining.  It also has a digital clock built into the tongue. If you are looking for a unique classic shoe, you can pick this one up now in sizes 4-14 for $150 at

The Marathon 10 is a customer favorite when it comes to running shoes.  It had been gone for a while but it has shown up again in several colors at  It is available now in men’s sizes 6.5 – 15 and women’s sizes 5 – 12 for $79.99.

The Tempo 6 is also available again at Eastbay.  This is another popular adidas running shoe for a mix of light weight and stability.  It is available now for $109.99 in men’s sizes 6.5 – 15 and women’s sizes 5.5 – 12.