adidas d rose 4.5 new colors

adidas Rose 4.5 Blue Solar Slime, Black Iridescent

The blue/solar slime colorway of the Rose 4.5 popped up today in the youth section, but only in a size 6.  We have not seen this colorway released yet so it may be a restock from another location.  A little digging however found this colorway as well as the black/green colorway aka Iridescent available in men’s sizes now at a store called Rare and Special on Amazon.  They are selling for about $169 plus shipping in sizes 8-13. Not much is known about this seller, but they do have some nice adidas shoes as well as older models that are very hard to find right now.   If you are looking for a nice rare colorway of the Rose 4.5, be sure to check out these 2.