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adidas Kids Superstar Restock

Superstar (white w black stripes)– One of the most highly sought after shoes that has been sold out for a long time has finally restocked.  The classic Superstar shoe in white with black stripes is now back in stock in the youth sizes 3.5-7 for $70.  There are a lot of people who have been trying to get this shoe in these sizes, so they are expected to sell fast.

Other colors for the kids Superstars are also in stock such as the all white, all black, and white with pink stripes as well as the smaller sizes in the Superstar shoes.

Also if you are looking for a Superstar in the smaller men’s or women’s size, they can be customized at any time to pick the colors and size starting as size 4.  With so many options, now is the chance to get the Superstars!

Update 7-18-15: The youth Superstars have restocked in the smaller sizes but it looks like they are selling quickly.


Update 9-25-15: The kid’s Superstars are back in stock in sizes 3.5-7 for $70.

adidas Superstar Shoes Restock

Superstar (white with black  stripes) – The iconic Superstar shoe in white with black stripes has been hard to get in the smaller sizes but today it finally restocked in the men’s sizes 4 – 18 for $80. The Superstar was also released a short while ago in the women’s sizes but many of them have sold out already. The kid’s Superstar is also in stock now for sizes 3.5-7 for $70. These Superstars are always in high demand so if you have been waiting for those smaller sizes to come back in stock, now is your chance to get them!

Also a reminder, you can Customize the Superstars at any time to pick the size and color for each part of the shoe so this is a good option if your size is out of stock and you do not want to wait for another restock.

Update 2-1-16: The men’s Superstar Foundation in white with black stripes has been updated with a new item number S81858. It is in stock now in sizes 7-14 for $80.

Update 3-8-16: The Superstars are back in previous item number C77124, men’s sizes 6-18 for $80.

Update 7-24-16: Superstars are now in stock for Men’s sizes 4-18 and kid’s size 3.5-7. Women’s sizes are also in stock for select sizes.

adidas Superstar Youth Sizes White With Black Stripes Available Now

The classic Superstar youth sizes have finally come back in stock after having been gone for a long time. The 2015 Superstar is now available in the iconic white with black stripes in youth sizes 3.5 to 6.5 for $70.  These have been in super high demand so they should sell very fast.  If you have been looking for the Superstar in white with black stripes in the smaller sizes, now is your chance to get it!

On a related note, the Superstar East River Rivalry pack is available now featuring 4 new Superstars paying tribute to the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.  They feature the team colors and premium materials such as snake print and suede options.  You can pick them up now in sizes 4-14 for $90.

Update: The white and black all over snakeprints for the Superstar East River Rivalry pack are now also available on the main site in sizes 5-14 for $130.