Is this site run by adidas?

No, 4-14.org is an independent website that focuses exclusively on adidas products.

What does 4-14 mean?

It is a reference inspired by a common size range for adidas shoes.

Why are there no pictures on this site?

4-14.org often posts about new releases as soon as they show up and in some cases, it turns out they are not supposed to be released yet. Due to the sensitive nature of these releases, you will not find the images shown here, but you will always be able to see the images by linking to the site where they are published.

What is njih.net?

njih.net is a url from Impact Radius which is the company adidas uses for their affiliate program. 4-14.org is an adidas affiliate partner so we use these links to link to adidas products on the official website.

Other questions?

Feel free to use the contact form on the About page.


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