adidas Kids Stan Smith Navy Heel Available Now

Kids Stan Smith (white w navy heel) – One of the most sought after colors for the Stan Smiths, the white with navy (dark indigo) heel is now available in the youth sizes. It is in stock now in sizes 4-6.5 for $55. This is a great deal considering the kids Stan Smith in white with green heel is listed at $65.

These are likely to sell very fast considering the demand for this color and these sizes so be sure to get your orders in quick before they are gone!

Update 1-1-16: The kid’s Stan Smith with blue heel is now available in sizes 4.5-6.5 for $65.

Update 2-12-16: The Stan Smiths with navy and blue heel have sold out in the kid’s sizes but keep an eye out in case they restock soon. Also the Stan Smiths can be customized to pick the color and size starting at size 4.


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