Rita Ora Planetary Power and Cosmic Confession Packs Released

A little earlier than expected, the new adidas x  Rita Ora collections have started to roll in on the main site for purchase.  The packs available now include:

Rita Ora Planetary Power – This black and white space suit inspired collection has unique items like a dress and cape as well as more traditional items like tees, pants, jackets, pullovers and leggings. Keep an eye out for more apparel as well as the footwear from this collection to be coming in soon.

Rita Ora Cosmic Confession – The Cosmic Confession pack features a dark blue (legend ink) and yellow highlights theme and currently has apparel and footwear available including a dress, sweater, hoodie, jacket, tee, and pants. The shoes from this collection in stock now include the Stan Smith, Superstar Up, and ZX Flux.

Stay tuned for more from these collections to be coming in stock soon.

Update 11-5-15: The shoes from the Planetary Power pack like the Instinct shoes are starting to show up on the main site.


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