adidas Ace 15.1 Primeknit and X 15.1 Primeknit Released

Ace 15.1 Primeknit – Today the Primeknit version of the new Ace 15.1 cleats were released on the main site. They are available in the orange/black colorway in sizes 7.5-11.5 for $275. They feature most of the technologies of the regular Ace 15.1 cleats with the upgrade to the Primeknit material.

Also available are the indoor/turf variation the Ace 151. Prime Cage shoes. These also feature the Primeknit material but have the sole designed for turf and indoor surfaces. You can pick them up now in sizes 7.5-11.5 for $150.

X 15.1 Primeknit – Along with the Aces, the new X 15.1 cleats now have a Primeknit version. Like the Ace, they carry over most of the tech but now have the Primeknit material. They are in stock now in sizes 7.5-11.5 for $275.

There is also an indoor version, the X 15.1 Prime Court shoes which are not available yet, but scheduled for a future release. They will also be available for $150.

Update 1-21-16: A black and white X 15.1 Primeknit has been released in sizes 6.5-13.5 for $250.


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