New adidas Collections – Berlin, Nigo, Blue Floral, Rita Ora, Star Wars

Lots of new collections have been rolling in for the Fall 2015 season. Here is a recap of some of the new collections available now:

Berlin Collection – A new black and white themed women’s apparel collection is available now featuring bold stripes and roman numeral design. In stock now are are the Berlin jackets, shirts, tees, and pants.

Nigo Collection – A new Nigo collection for the Fall season is in stock now featuring jackets, shirts, hoodies, tees, and pants with all over adidas logo prints. Also with this collections are Superstars with matching print as well as the Superstar Bearfoot which takes the classic Superstar and adds the Bear logo on the the shell toe.

Blue Floral Collection – Another set in the women’s apparel featuring a black with blue flower theme. It has a tee, hoodie, shirt, tights, and pants with a matching ZX Flux shoe in the same design.

Rita Ora Space Shifter and Mystic Moon – The new Rita space inspired items continue to roll in for both the Space Shifter and Mystic Moon packs. Some of the interesting items include football inspired vest, all-in-one jumpsuit, tee dress, as well as footwear to match both packs.

Star Wars Archive – Lastly, some new Star Wars apparel including an all-over graphic Firebird jacket and matching tee are in stock now in the youth sizes S-XL. They can be hard to find on the site, but you can find them with the direct link here.


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