adidas Tubular X Available Now

Tubular X – An all new model based on the Tubular series is starting to show up in specialty stores now.  Colors such as the blue and black are available now at PYS and the red has shown up at Oneness but has since sold out. Size range looks to be about 6-14 but they are selling out fast. The retail price for the Tubular X is $120.

For the styling, the Tubular X features a high cut layered bootee style construction with an X shaped overlay around the sides and back of the shoe. The sole is Tubular inspired but features ridges all around similar to a Yeezy sole as well as a pivot point underneath.

The youth size is also available now for the Tubular X in sizes 4-7 for $80. Keep an eye on the New Arrivals section as these should be showing up soon on the main site.

Update 8-21-15: The Tubular X has been released today on the official site in the black, blue, and red colorways in sizes 4-14 for $120.

Update 10-10-15: the Tubular X in night cargo color is now available on the main site.


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