adidas Ace and X 15.2, Boston Boost 6, Vigor 6

Here is a recap of some of the new models available now at Eastbay which have not shown up at the main site yet:

Ace 15.2 – The 15.2 is the Ace which is 1 step below the top of the line 15.1 and 1 step above the 15.3. It is available now at Eastbay in the synthetic version in the black/silver and black/yellow colorways in sizes 6.5-13 for $109.99. The Ace 15.2 also comes in a leather version which has been seen on the UK site.

X 15.2 – Also in stock now at Eastbay is the X 15.2 in the synthetic version. You can get them now in black, yellow, or blue in sizes 6.5-13.5 for $109.99. It also has a leather version which is in stock now on the UK site. Note: The X 15.2 is available on the main US site in the women’s version in the white colorway in sizes 5.5-10 for $110.

Boston Boost 6 – The new adizero Boston Boost 6 is starting to show up at stores like Eastbay and from what we have seen, the women’s version has a more significant redesign with a new upper material without the forefoot overlays. The men’s version appears to be less changed from the Boston 5. Performance specs look to be similar to the previous version, but keep an eye out for full details when these are released on the main site.

Vigor 6 TR – The new version of the Vigor trail running shoe is available now at Eastbay in men’s and women’s sizes. Like previous models, it features the distinctive large adidas printed name on the side. Overall the Vigor 6 has been changed quite a bit with a new Traxion outsole design and a new reinforced mesh with integrated laces. It also features full EVA cushioning for a comfortable ride. They weigh in at about 10.8 oz and are available now for $80.


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