adidas Custom Ace 15.3 and X 15.3 for FG, SG, Indoor and Turf

Custom Ace 15.3  – The new Ace 15.3 cleats are now available to customize on the main site. The 15.3 is the more affordable version of the top of the line 15.1 Ace cleat. The 15.3 can be customized to have the Firm Ground studs, Soft Ground studs, and can even be customized to get the Indoor sole as well as the Turf sole.

The Custom Ace 15.3 offers a nice variety of colors for each part of the shoe as well as the option to add text and a country flag. You can start customizing the Ace cleats now in men’s size 6.5-13.5 and women’s size 7.5-14.5 for $120.

Custom X 15.3 – Also available now is the X 15.3 which can also be customized for Firm Ground, Soft Ground, Indoor and Turf surfaces.  It has a good selection of colors for the base, frame, accents, as well as paint splatter design. Like the Ace, it can also be customized with text and a country flag. You can get the custom X 15.3 cleats now in men’s sizes 6.5-13.5 and women’s sizes 7.5-14.5 for $120.


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