adidas Pure Boost Shoes now up to Size 15

Pure Boost (red) – The original Pure Boost shoe has just been released in 2 new colorways, a red/black and a green/black.  That is already good news, but what is even better is that for the first time, the Pure Boosts are now available up to size 15!

Up until now the largest you could get the Pure Boosts was a size 12.5 but these new colors are now in stock in sizes 6.5 – 15 so you can get sizes 13, 14, and 15. The Pure Boosts are one of the most comfortable shoes available with unbelievable cushioning as well as great style for casual wear as well as sport.

If you are a fan of the Pure Boost and have been waiting of new colors, or the larger sizes, now it the chance to get them!

Update 7-4-15: The Pure Boost in Blue has just been released in sizes 6.5-15.

Update: The original Pure Boosts are now sold out but the Pure Boost ZG is available now up to size 15.


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