adidas mi X 15.1 Cleats Available For Customize

mi X 15.1 Cleats – Today the customize version of the new X 15.1 cleats was released. The custom F50, Predator, and 11Pro have been phased out and have been replaced by the custom X and Ace cleats.  It is possible there may be a custom version of the Messi cleats later.

The custom X 15.1 has the choice of firm ground, soft ground, or hard ground stud pattern in several different colors. It offers a good selection of colors for each part of the shoe from the base and frame, to the sock and laces. Extra laces are also provided in the color of your choice. Personalization with text and flag is also available.

You can customize the X 15.1 cleats now in sizes 6.5-13.5 in men’s size and 7.5-14.5 in women’s size for $240. Start customizing yours today to be the first with the all new custom X 15.1!


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