Where You Can Still Get Pharrell Supercolor Superstars

The Pharrell Supercolor Superstar were one of the hottest new releases of the year.  They were available in 50 different colors and sold in many stores but sold out very fast. Since then, there has still been a high demand but the Supercolors can be very hard to find. We decided to round up a list of stores that still have some in stock. Keep in mind, most colors are still sold out, but these online stores still have a various sizes and colors available:

Update 7-24-16: The Supercolors have sold out in most stores but here are more options to get the Superstars in the mono-color style:

You can Customize the Superstars to choose between many colors and materials for each part of the shoe.

For more color options, try the Superstar Collegiate template. Make sure to pick the regular adidas logo for the tongue to see all the color options.

New colors and styles for Superstars come in stock frequently. Keep an eye on the New Arrivals where new shoes come in each week.

If you are looking for a specific color and size, you may be able to find them on ebay at a higher price.

Update 10-1-16: More colors for the custom Superstar are available now with the mi Superstar RT.


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