adidas Micoach Smart Ball for Android

Micoach Smart Ball (Android) – Originally the adidas micoach Smart Ball was only compatible with iphone and iOS devices, but now it can be used with Android phones and devices using the new Smart Ball app from Google Play.

The Smart Ball allows players to track data such as flight pattern, speed, power, and spin on the ball for each kick. The app is loaded with features such as video capture, kicking tips, pro and friend challenges, technique videos, and progress tracker.

New features added with this version of the app include Personal Bests and Top Ten Tracking, Recent Kicks, Kick Counter, and Kick Sharing which allows players to share their results.

The Smart Ball itself feels and performs just like a regular soccer ball at the highest quality.  Charging is easy with the dock which takes just 1 hour and lasts for 2000 kicks.

The Micoach Smart Ball is available now for $200 and is compatible with bluetooth devices using Android 4.3 and up as well as iOS 7 and up.


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