adidas No-Dye F50 and 11Pro Released

F50 adizero No-Dye – The all white adizero F50 was released today which features no color or dye which gives it an incredibly clean look.  It is made with premium K-Leather material and microfiber lining. The No-Dye F50 is in stock now in limited quantities in sizes 7.5-11.5 for $220 and it looks like they are selling fast so be sure to pick this one up soon if you are interested.

11Pro No-Dye – Also released with the F50 is the all white No-Dye 11Pro.  It also features the K-Leather material and microfiber lining.  You can get the 11Pro now in sizes 6.5-13.5 for $185.  Word is that the 11Pro cleats will be phased out soon so if you are a fan of this cleat don’t miss out on this opportunity to get this special edition!

Update: It looks like there may be incorrect information on the main site about the material as a review here is showing they are made with Hybridtouch material.


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