adidas mi adilette Premium, Your Call, and Athletic Available Now

Today 3 new custom adilette slides were released on the US site.  The new editions include the Premium, Your Call, and Athletic version.  You can check them out here and learn more about each new variation:

mi adilette Premium – The Premium model adilette slides feature material options such as ostrich leather, snakeskin leather, and pony hair.  They also have the option of a polyurethane or suede footbed in either black or white. The Premium adilettes offer the option of different laser engraved text on both the left and right footbeds. You can customize yours now in men’s size 4-14 and women’s size 5-15 for $59.95

mi adilette Your Call – The Your Call adilette follow the large text style of the custom ZX Flux Slip-Ons which were released a while back.  They offer a leather strap with several color options as well as color options for the strap lining. The footbed is the traditional PU material.  For the text you can add 4 large letters on each slide making one longer word when they are put together or 2 smaller words. You can also add select graphics such as a skull or hash tag sign.  The Your Call adilettes are available now starting at $35.

mi adilette Athletic – The 3rd variation released today is the Athletic adilette which features the option of translucent or graphic printed strap. It features several color combinations for the 3 stripes as well as the footbed. Laser engraved text can also be added to both the left ad right footbeds with different word on each.  You can get the custom adilette Athletic now for just $35.95 which is a great deal considering the old custom adilette is $45.


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