ZX Flux Farm Menire and Xilofloresta and ZX 8000 Blue Boost

ZX Flux Farm Menire – Much of the Menire Farm collection has been available for a few weeks but today the ZX Flux from this collection was released on the main site. It matches the pastel feather print of the current collection and is in stock now in sizes 5-11 for $90.

ZX Flux Farm Xilofloresta – Also in today is the ZX Flux Xilofloresta matching this Farm pack with the black and lined pattern and tropical illustrations.  It is also in stock now in sizes 5-11 for $90.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Farm Collection here for the tops and bottoms that go with the shoes as well as a few other shoes from the series such as the Adria Low and PS Slip-On.

ZX 8000 Blue Boost – Today a new version of the recent ZX 8000 Boost was released with the ZX 8000 Blue Boost. This one features the same build as the ZX 8000 Boost but has the different upper material design with the slots instead of the solid material and traditional 3 stripes.  It is available now in the grey/blue and black/pink colorways in sizes 5-13 for $140.


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