ZX Flux Weave Prism black white, ZX Flux Xeno Silver

ZX Flux Weave Prism (black and white) – The original Prism colorway was one of the most popular to be released in recent times and now the same pattern is available in the woven material in the black and white colorway.  This color joins the night flash and blue woven prisms and is in stock now in sizes 4-14 for $90.

ZX Flux Xeno silver – The silver ZX Flux Xeno has been showing up at sneaker specialty stores in limited quantities but has been selling out very fast at each store.  So far we have not seen it on the main site yet but it is expected this month so it should be arriving soon.  Stay tuned and keep an eye out for this one as well as it is likely to sell out very fast like the original black Xeno.


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