Womens adidas Superstar White with Black Stripes Available Now

Women’s Superstar (white with black stripes) – The classic Superstar in white with black stripes is one of the most iconic sneakers of all time.  Usually it is only available in the men’s and youth sizes and even the youth sizes have been very hard to get recently.  Women usually had to size down and go with the men’s or youth size for this model, but today the Superstar has finally been released in the women’s sizes!

You can get the classic Superstar in white with black stripes now in women’s sizes 5-11 for $80.  This is one of the most highly requested shoes so it is going to sell very well and may sell out fast depending on how many are made.  If you have been waiting for the Superstar in women’s sizes, now is your chance to get them!

Update 11-11-15: Women’s adidas Superstars in the classic white with black stripes have restocked on the main site but they are selling fast. In case you miss them, you can still customize the Superstars now to get the women’s sizes in the same color.

Update: 8-8-16: The women’s Superstar has restocked in sizes 5-12 for $80.


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