Superstar 80s Suede Pack, Nigo Shooting Star, Samba MC

Superstar 80s Vintage Deluxe Suede – The suede pack for the Superstars was released today featuring black, navy, green and burgundy base colors with white stripes.  They are in stock now in sizes 4-14 for $110.

Update: New Suede Superstars are in stock now in mono-colors.

Nigo Shooting Star Hi – Also released today are the Nigo Shooting Star Hi which have an old school Converse style look.  They feature a high cut canvas material, vulc sole, and even a zipper down the side. They are in stock now in white and blue colorways, sizes 4-14 for just $65.

Samba MC – The stripeless Samba MC has been released today on the main site in the black and navy colorways. You can pick up this minimalist style Samba now in sizes 7-14 for $65.


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