adidas Rita Ora S-M-L, Superstar Camo, Seeley ADV Villemin

Rita Ora S-M-L shoes – The S-M-L shoes have been released for the Rita Ora Superhero Pack and O-Ray Pack. Like the original version which was released on the site yesterday, these come in only 3 sizes 6, 8.5, and 10.5 because they have a stretchy fit and design which can adapt to fit different foot sizes.  It is recommended to round to your nearest size.  You can pick up these special edition S-M-Ls now for $100.

Superstar Camo (white/red) – In case you didn’t get enough of the 50 Superstar colors that were released this past week, the Superstars continue to come in with more special editions like the dotted camo print design in white with red heel and tongue.  You can pick this one up no in sizes 4-14 for $90. Also keep an eye out for the suede Superstar pack to be coming out soon.

Seeley ADV – The ADV is the upgraded version of the popular Seeley skate shoe and has a more durable toe and upgraded sockliner for better impact cushioning as well as the vector vulc sole for excellent board feel.  A very limited edition version for pro skater Lem Villemin has been released today in a red/white colorway sizes 8-13 for $70.  Also a general release of the navy Seeley ADV has been released in sizes 4-14 for $65.


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