adidas Tubular Womens, Stan Smith Gum Sole, O-Ray Collection

Tubular Runner (Women’s) – The Tubular has been coming out in a lot of new varieties recently including this women’s version in a black/white reptile colorway.  In stock now in sizes 5-11 for $110.

Tubular Red Reptile (Snake pack) – The Snake Pack Tubulars are starting to show up earlier than expected in boutiques and stores like Finish Line. You can pick them up now in sizes 8-13 for $110.

Top Ten Lo (white) – Also at Finish Line, the Top Ten Lo is now available in an all white colorway.  These low cut classics have been hard to find recently but you can get them now in sizes 8-13 for $75.

Stan Smith Gum Sole – This highly sought after color of the Stan Smith with the gum sole is now available at Foot Locker in sizes 4-12.5 for $75.  Looks like this one is selling quickly.  Also find this colorway at select specialty stores.

Rita Ora O-Ray Pack – Most of the apparel items for the O-Ray X-Ray pack have finally come in stock including the hoodie, jacket, pants, sweater, tee, and leggings. Also keep an eye out for the rest of the Super Hero apparel to be coming in on the US site.


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