2015 adidas MLS Gear and March Madness Gear

2015 MLS Collection – Lots of new products for Major League Soccer are rolling in for the new year including jerseys, jackets, tees, and team soccer balls.  Check out the 2015 collection now to support your favorite team and keep an eye out more more team jerseys to be added soon!

Update 3-12-15: Many of the men’s as well as women’s style jerseys came in stock today.

2015 March Madness Collection – The new gear for March Madness, aka Made in March collections is also starting to come in stock.  Teams in this set include: Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Louisville, Nebraska, Indiana, UCLA, Texas A&M, and NC State.  Right now the shorts are in stock for many of these teams and the jerseys should also be coming in soon.  You can also get the home and away shoes from this series with the D Rose, D Lillard, and J Wall shoes which are also coming in stock now.  Check out this collection to get the official gear to support your team in the tournament!

Update: 3-12-15 The jerseys are now in stock including sleeveless and sleeved styles for many of the top teams.


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