Superstar 80s Clean, CC Fresh 2, Pure Boost 2 Graphic, Rose Boost White

Superstar 80s Clean – Today the stripeless Superstar in smooth leather and leather shell toe was released on the main site. It is currently available in white or black in sizes 5-13 for $100.  This special edition of the Superstar is expected to sell fast, especially the smaller sizes which have limited quantities.

CC Fresh 2 – The new version of the Climacool Fresh running shoe is available now.  It features a breathable upper material and vents in the sole for even more breathability.  It is in stock now in black or red colorways, sizes 7-13 for $80.

Pure Boost 2 Graphic Prints – New designs for the Pure Boost 2 are already starting to roll in such as a red with reptile print overlay and a black with monochrome prism overlay.  They are available now in 6.5-13 for $120.

D Rose 5 Boost White – The all white colorway for the Rose Boost is available now in sizes 7.5-13 for $140.  Look for the other signature shoes in this colorway to be released soon.

Rita Ora O-Ray Stan Smith – The O-Ray Stan Smith has been released as part of the new O-Ray pack featuring black leather and thermal scan print for the heel, insole and lining.  You can pick this one up in sizes 5-10.5 for $100.


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