adidas 5-Star 4.0 Pro and Messi Pibe de Barrio

5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats – The new colors for the 5-Star 4.0 Pro are starting to roll in now on the main site. They feature the Sprintskin synthetic upper, TPU frame, as well as a Kevlar plate which distinguishes it from the non-Pro variation.  They weigh in at about 8.6oz making it heavier than the previous version but still one of the lighter cleats out there. The 5-Star 4.0 Pro is available now in several color options in sizes 9-14 for $130 but quantities are limited.  Be sure to pick up a pair soon if you have been waiting on the new 2015 5-Star cleats.

Messi 10.3 IN and TF Pibe de Barrio – The new graphic print Pibe de Barrio Messi shoes are now available in the turf and indoor versions.  They feature a white/black/red colorway with graphic design around the heel.  They are both in stock now in sizes 6.5-13.5 for $98.  Stay tuned for the firm ground cleats to be released soon.

Update 3-16-15: The Messi IN and TF are back up on the site. Look for the rest if the Pibe de Barrio series to be released soon.


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