adidas Rita Ora Super and O-Ray Pack

Earlier than expected, the new shoes from the Rita Ora Super and O-Ray Pack are starting to roll in.  The Super Pack features bold primary colors inspired but classic comic books.  The O-Ray Pack features thermal scan graphics showing bone design much like an X-Ray.  Here is what has been released today:

Rita Ora Stan Smith Super – A white leather base with comic print heel overlay and insole topped with red and yellow eyelets.  In stock now in sizes 5-11 for $90.

Rita Ora Bankshot 2.0 Super – Bright red, yellow, and blue contrasting colors and comic print are featured on this edition of the Bankshot hightop in a mix of canvas and synthetic patent material. Available now in sizes 5-11 for $95.

Rita Ora Superstar O-Ray – The first shoe from the O-Ray pack is up featuring black synthetic patent leather and a thermal scan graphic showing the skeletal profile of a foot. You can pick this one up now in sizes 5-11 for $90.

To see a preview for more from these collections check out the Super Pack and O-Ray Pack new releases.


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