adidas mi LA Trainer Custom

The LA Trainer is back for customize with 3 varieties including the Classic, Weave, and Premium versions:

Custom LA Trainer Classic – The Classic is available in a suede and mesh combination with the option to choose the colors for each part of the shoe and there are many!  You can even choose the color for each peg in the heel.  Also the insole can be customized with text.  It is available now in men’s sizes 4-14 and women’s sizes 5-15 for $100.

Custom LA Trainer Weave – The woven version switches it up with a two-tone woven material and has the option for speed lace or regular lace ties.  Colors are a bit more limited on this one compared to the classic but still plenty of options to make it your own.  Same sizes and price as the Classic above.

Custom LA Trainer Premium – Rounding out the set is the Premium version of the LA Trainer featuring suede, patent leather, and reflective materials. They also have the option to add metal studs to the stripes as well as the choice of 2 different lace types, standard or waxed. This premium version is available now in men’s and women’s sizes for $110.


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