Jeremy Scott White Tiger, Black Cutout Wings, and Streetball Platform

Jeremy Scott White Tiger – The JS White Tiger is back up on the site but images are still not up yet.  It is the hightop style based on the Metro Attitude with a fuzzy white tiger print material complete with tail.  It is in stock now in sizes 4-14 for $200 as well as infant size 5k-10k for $100.

Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 Cutout Black – A new JS Cutout Wings shoe is available now on the main site.  Images are not available yet but the description says black so it is likely these will be like the original white cutout wings but in the black color. You can pick them up now in sizes 4-14 for $220.

Jeremy Scott Streetball Platform Black – Also released today, the high wedge Streetball Platform shoes in the black colorway. Images are also not up yet but they will be similar to the black and white Streetball Platform shoes but this time, in mostly black.  You can pick them up now in sizes 5-10.5 for $200.


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