adidas Confirmed App Released

Today adidas released the adidas Confirmed App which is a new system for reserving a pair of shoes in adidas retail stores.  It will be used for the highly sought after releases that are hard to get.  The goal is to make it easier and more fair for customers when it comes to these big releases.

The highly anticipated Kanye West collaboration is scheduled to be the first to launch with this app.  The app itself is available for mobile devices through the Apple App store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

With the app, customers will be notified when a new release is available to reserve. They can then enter their size and select their location to schedule a pickup time.  When the time arrives, the customer will show their conformation to the store to be able to purchase the new release.

The first launch is only in the New York City area but the app is available for all to download and is expected to launch in more cities around the country after the initial launch.

No word yet on exactly when it will be ready for other cities or how this will affect the Kanye release at other stores or online, but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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