New Track Spikes, Adissage Recovery Shoes

The 2015 spikes are starting to roll in.  Here is a recap of what was released today:

Prime Accelerator – Sprint spike at 5.4oz, sizes 7.5-14 for $110.

Arriba 4 – Men’s and Women’s mid range to distance spike at 6.1oz. Sizes 6.5-15 and 5-12 for $65.

Spider – Men’s and Women’s sprint spike at 5.5oz.  Sizes 6.5-15 and 5-12 for $65.

Cadence 2.0 – Distance spike in night flash colorway. 6.1oz in sizes 6.5-15 for $100.

Jumpstar – Jumping specialty spike in a black and white colorway. 8.1oz in sizes 6.5-14 for $80.

Javelin 2.0 – Javelin specialty shoe at 11.3oz in sizes 6.5-15 for $110.

adissage Recovery shoes – Not a spike but a new shoe featuring massage nubs on the inside, a feature usually only found in the slides. Also features air mesh upper and made for easy slip on and off. In stock now in 1/2 sizes 5.5-13.5 and 16.


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