Freefootball Crazyquick, Tiro 15 pants, Context15 ball and more

Freefootball Crazyquick – A new turf style soccer shoe has been released featuring a lightweight textured upper material and multi-color sole.  It is available now in size 7-13.5 for $80.

Tiro 15 -The new Tiros are starting to roll out.  Overall the pants remain similar to the previous version but with minor changes such as a stripe going all the way around the waist. The Tiro 15 is available now in men’s and youth size pants as well as a fleece top.  Keep an eye out for more from this series soon.

Context15 Ball – The follow up to the popular Brazuca ball is available now.  It features a new design and paneling but used the same technology as the Brazuca. It will be the official ball of the women’s World Cup. The Context 15 ball is available now for $160.

Questar Boost – New colors for the Questar shoe have been released and they appear to be the same shoe as the “Questar Elite” released a while back.  It features the Boost heel and techfit upper.  Available now for $100.

11Pro Women’s – The new 11pro is available in a clean white color with silver stripes.  Sizes 5-10 for $185.


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