Nitrocharge Crazylight, NH Shelltoe black, Monster Headphones

Nitrocharge Crazylight – The new super light version of the Nitrocharge is available now in sizes 7-12.5 for $250.  At the time of this post, the images are not uploaded yet but you can see how they look over at Footy Headlines.

Neighborhood Shelltoe black – The El Bandido Neighborhood Shelltoe in black is available now on the main website in sizes 4-13 for $180.

New Monster Headphones – New over the ear headphones are available now in 4 new color combinations including white/red, white/green/red, white/blue/red, and black/yellow/green.  They are available now for $300.

Samoa black Butterfly – A new black colorway with pink butterfly midsole and laces is available now in women’s size 5-11 for $65.

Adria Mid Butterfly – Also with the butterfly pack is the Adria Mid in black with multi-color print in sizes 5-11 for $65.

Streetball 1.5 – A new black, blue, and orange colorway for the classic Streetball 1.5 shoe is available now in limited sizes 10.5-16 for $95.

ZXZ ADV Optic – An interesting orange optic swirl colorway is available now for the ZXZ ADV over at Size UK.


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