adidas Revenge / Revenergy running shoes

A new running shoe has been released on the US site called the Revenge.  It may be a mis-title because on the shoe it says Revenergy and it is the same model as the shoe available now in the UK under the same name.   The Revenge is a Boost shoe with a similar midsole to the kid’s Kinetic Boost that was released earlier this year.

The Revenge features Boost cushioning and what looks to be a combination of EVA cushioning as well.  It features a mesh upper, Torsion, heel counter and is miCoach compatible.  It is not clear if it has a space under the midsole for the Speed Cell but it does feature the mi logo on the tongue which may indicate where the Speed Cell is to be clipped on.

According to the UK site, the Revenge is a stability shoe so it would fall into the same category as the Supernova Sequence Boost, adistar Boost, and Tempo 6.  The price, cushioning, and weight would put it 1 step below the Supernova Sequence Boost. It has a weight of 10.8 oz in a size 9 which is about average for a stability shoe.

Currently the Revenge shoe is only available in 1 colorway and in men’s sizes 6.5 – 15 for $110.  It is likely the women’s version as well as more colors and even a Techfit version of this shoe may arrive shortly.



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