Micropacer OG, Marathon 10, and Tempo 6

The Micropacer shoe which first debuted 20 years ago is back up for sale.  It features the original silver color with kangaroo leather upper material and lining.  It also has a digital clock built into the tongue. If you are looking for a unique classic shoe, you can pick this one up now in sizes 4-14 for $150 at adidas.com.

The Marathon 10 is a customer favorite when it comes to running shoes.  It had been gone for a while but it has shown up again in several colors at Eastbay.com.  It is available now in men’s sizes 6.5 – 15 and women’s sizes 5 – 12 for $79.99.

The Tempo 6 is also available again at Eastbay.  This is another popular adidas running shoe for a mix of light weight and stability.  It is available now for $109.99 in men’s sizes 6.5 – 15 and women’s sizes 5.5 – 12.


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