Energy Boost 2.0 ESM and Pure Boost Reveal

A new version of the Energy Boost 2.0 has been added, the Energy Boost 2.0 ESM.  Like the new adistar Boost ESM, the update adds the the Engineered Stretch Mesh material which is a bit of a mix of Techfit from the previous version combined with mesh.  Other than the change in material, everything else looks to be pretty much the same as the 2.0 techfit version.  It is available in men’s sizes 6.5-15 and women’s sizes 5-12, and for the first time, the Energy Boost is available in kids sizes 3.5 – 6.  You can pick it up now for $160 in the adult sizes and $130 in kids size.  One more note, the Energy Boost 2.0 ESM is also available to customize which is the first time the Energy Boost shoe has been made available for custom.

Also added to the lineup is the Pure Boost Reveal.  This is also  a minor change from the original Pure Boost with a new synthetic print upper material.  Colors are a bit limited at the moment but more colors should arrive soon.  It is available in men’s sizes 6.5-12.5 and women’s sizes 5.5-11.5 for $120.


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