adidas Superstar 80s Custom Shoe

Custom Superstar 80s – While the Superstar 2.0 has been available to customize for quite some time, today for the first time, a new version, the Superstar 80s became available for custom.

What makes this one special is the amount of material choices available.  No longer is it just plain colors. With this shoe, you have the option of materials including: leather, crocodile, snake, basketball, ripstop, metallic gold, and metallic silver.  You can also change the center stripe to make it different from the outer stripes.  We would still like to see the option to make all 3 stripes different.

The Superstar 80s custom also comes with extra laces of your choosing as well as the option to add text to the heel.  Upon testing it out, like other custom items, there are certain color combinations that seem to be restricted.  It is not clear why this is the case.  Never the less, there are still tons of options to play around with here to make a truly unique shoe.

The Superstar 80s is available for custom now in men’s sizes 4-14 and women’s sizes 5-15 for $110 at

Update: The Superstar 2.0 custom has been taken down but more options such as more colors for the stripes have been added to the Superstar 80s custom.


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