adidas ZX Flux Custom available now

ZX Flux Custom – Today the ZX Flux became available for customize on the main website.  It it not the photo custom that is expected to arrive later this year, but the regular custom options where you get to pick the colors of the shoe.  It is available in men’s sizes 4-14  and women’s size 5-15.

For customization, the ZX offers 9 colors for the base and 13 colors for the stripes.  Surprisingly it has a lot of color options for the midsole and outsole.  We are used to just getting a few options for this part such as white and black, but for the ZX Flux there are 16 colors for the midsole and 14 colors for the outsole.

The the custom ZX Flux also comes with an extra set of laces that you can also choose the color of to get even more options when it comes to choosing the look of your shoes. It also gives you a choice of whether or not you want to add a heel strap to the back.  There are no text or number options to add for this model, but that is not a huge deal considering how all the other parts can be customized.

You can get the custom ZX Flux now for $105 at

Update: You can now also customize the ZX Flux with a photo or design of your choice using the Photo App.


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