adidas ZX Flux 2.0 Nps and Zero

adidas retweeted a report from Complex today about the upcoming ZX Flux 2.0.  This new version is somewhat of a surprize considering how new the ZX Flux is and how well it has been selling.  Also considering the custom version of the original ZX Flux has not been made available yet which is expected in July.  Complex reports that the ZX Flux 2.0 is scheduled for a release in August.

Images and previews of the ZX Flux 2.0 as well as other colors and 2 other versions called the ZX Flux Zero and ZX Flux Nps can be seen now at

The style on the ZX Flux 2.0 seems to have gone away from the flush 1 piece upper with floating stripes.  Instead it has an overlay with cutout stripes and different textures for the textile upper material.

The ZX Flux NPS and Zero seem to keep the same design but the NPS has variations in the upper and the Zero has a different outsole which looks to be a lightweight variation, hence the Zero name.  Stay tuned over the next couple months for official release dates.


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