adidas Energy Boost Icon Baseball Cleat

A new baseball cleat featuring Boost cushioning technology has been announced, the Energy Boost Icon cleat.  This is the first cleat to incorporate the Boost cushioning.  Early reports say that it is similar to the 5-Tool cleat with the metal studs but the new cushioning should make it even more comfortable for the players. The cleat also features Shockvent windows for ventilation and breathability.

The official news release stated that it is available now for purchase at Eastbay, but as of the time of this article 6-13-14, it is not currently up for sale.  Keep an eye on Eastbay for a release on this cleat.  No word yet if it will be sold on the main site yet.  The cost of the Energy Boost Icon is expected to be $120- $150 and will be released with other adidas baseball gear such as bats, gloves, and mitts.

Update: The cleats are now available at Eastbay and


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