Stan Smith Restock – Fairway Green and Navy

Stan Smith – The smaller sizes of the Stan Smith shoes in fairway green and navy have been sold out pretty much everywhere for quite a while.  Finally they have restocked today on the main website.  Currently the white/green and white/navy colors are in stock in men’s sizes 4-14.   For a women’s size conversion, just go down 1 – 1.5 in size, for example a women’s 7 equals a men’s size 5.5- 6.  Stock up now because these shoes sell out fast and restocks can take a long time.

Update 6-21-15: After being sold out for a long time, the smaller sizes of the Stan Smith in the white and green have restocked starting at size 6. These are one of the most popular and sell out fast, so be sure to pick them up soon!

Also, in case your size is out of stock, the Stan Smith can be customized to pick the color and size at any time.  The custom Stan Smith is available in men’s and women’s sizes starting at size 4 in men’s and 5 in women’s size.

Update 4-16-16: The Stan Smith with Navy heel has restocked in sizes 6-14 for $75.


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