adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball

The first ever smart soccer ball by adidas has been released today for pre-orders with an official launch date of May 28th 2014.  Like the micoach devices which record and track data and performance, the new Smart Soccer Ball will track data such as power, speed, spin, strike, and flight path of the ball.  This data is then sent in real time to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod via Bluetooth.

The app lets you see the data and provides tutorials and tips for how to improve your kicks.  The Smart Ball has the look and feel of a real soccer ball of high quality.  It is made with TPU panels and bladder and has the same weight and dimensions as regular size 5 soccer balls.

The ball is rechargable and lasts for about 2,000 kicks or 1 week.  Charging time takes about 1 hour.  So far the reviews from those who have tested it are very favorable.  If you are serious about your soccer game and love gadgets and tech, check out the new micoach Smart Ball.  It is up for pre-sale now for $299 at


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