adidas Women’s Stan Smith EF

One of the most popular shoes this year has been the re-release of the legendary Stan Smith shoe.   The only problem was, it was only available in men’s sizes in the classic white leather colorway.  Women had been asking when it would be released in their sizes.  It was unknown if this would happen until today when the women’s version of the Stan Smith in white leather went on sale.

Now this is not an exact replica of the men’s version.  The women’s Stan Smith has a similar white leather upper, but the green fairway heel trim is an upgraded snake skin texture.  Still from a distance it looks like the classic Stan Smith with smooth leather.  The grippy rubber outsole remains the same on the women’s version.

The premium materials used on the women’s Stan Smith shoe do bump up the price $15 from $75 to $90.  Women’s still have the option to order the men’s shoe and go down 1 size for a standard fit.   None the less, this is big news with a release like this and this show should sell fast.  It is currently available in sizes 5-11 at


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